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Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-Efficient Windows


Energy-Saving Window Professionals

Choosing the proper replacement window company can be difficult, to say the least. Not only are you looking for the best products, but the best service as well. Robert Heh Construction focuses on one word: Value.

Homeowners can’t go wrong when choosing its windows from Window Depot USA. From Double Hung windows with a convenient tilt-in mechanism allowing for easy cleaning, to patio doors, and sealing casement windows, we have an efficient window solution for any situation.

Our team can also create customized window products which will enhance your lifestyle by bringing nature into your home, and keep your heat and AC from leaving.

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Why Choose Triple-Pane Windows?

Triple Pane windows mean superior performance. Standard Dual Pane windows feature two pieces of glass that are sealed together with a spacer. The surfaces of the glass can be treated with Low E coatings, and the chamber that is created is filled with insulating argon gases.

With Triple Pane windows, we introduce a third layer of glass. Not only does this create an additional layer to stop energy loss, but it creates a second chamber that can also be filled with insulating gases.

These two panes of glass provide an extra barrier to heat loss (or gain) during the heating and cooling months of the year. The two panes of glass, plus the airspace between, are what set the stage for improved insulation. Then, when Low E coatings and specialized gas fills like Argon are incorporated, we have an Insulated Glass Unit. It is really the engine of the window!


Save Energy

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Stop Leaks

and Condensation!

Block Noise

and Enjoy the Quiet!

High-Quality Materials & Installation

We only select and use the highest grade materials to ensure superlative performance and the prolonged life of your structure. The materials we use are sourced from reliable and trusted manufacturers which guarantee quality results. Whether you need a complete window installation or simply a minor window repair, we provide premier services to fit within your budget. Our exhaustive knowledge of energy-efficient windows has enabled us to cater to all your window needs.


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